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Motives® Shadow Box

By Motives® Cosmetics

Sold by Motives® Cosmetics

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Motives® Shadow Box

By Motives® Cosmetics

Sold by Motives® Cosmetics

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Single Box


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A sleek, magnetic box that holds metal-backed eye shadows, blushes and powders. Perfect for any makeup lover, pick your favourite cosmetics and fit them in for one convenient, easy to carry, and perfect travel companion.


Primary Benefits of Motives Shadow Box:

  • Magnetised palette to hold any metal-backed pan
  • Clear lid allows you to see what you’ve stored
  • Get multiple shadow boxes and store your favourite looks together
  • Great for travel
  • Box comes empty for all your beauty assembles


Frequently Asked Questions about Motives Shadow Box: What can I put in Motives Shadow Box? Put a face powder, a blush and a couple Pressed Eye Shadows in your Shadow Box, and you will have all you need to touch up your look wherever you go. Motives Shadow Box will also hold up to 12 Motives Pressed Eye Shadows or pair eight shades of shadow with two Motives Pressed Blushes. This gives you the opportunity to mix up your look on the go and transition easily from day to night. Does Motives Shadow Box come with any Motives Pressed Eye Shadows, Blushes, or Face Powders? No, Motives Pressed Eye Shadows, Blushes and Face Powders are sold separately. This way you can mix and match the items as you please to create a customisable palette. Does Motives Shadow Box come with any brushes to apply eye shadows, blush, or powder? No, Motives Shadow Box does not include any applicators for eye shadows, blush or powder. We recommend using Motives 7-Piece Essential Brush Set, which provides all the necessary tools and can be easily carried with you for application on the go. Do I have to glue the products inside so they do not fall out every time I open my Motives Shadow Box? No, the great thing about Motives Shadow Box is that it is magnetised so the metal pans of all Motives Pressed Eye Shadows, Blushes and Powders are held in place – no adhesive is required! Is Motives Shadow Box convenient for travel? Yes, the Motives Shadow Box is convenient for travel, helping you look your best even while on the go.


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